Thursday, November 22, 2012

Introducing Laurie Thomas

Hey everyone, Name's Laurie aka Cetriya. I"m a junior at Ringling school of art as an illustration major, visual development minor. Funny thing is that I'm really interested in making comics and creating work for licensing.

So not so much into editorial or concept art for realistic fantasy/ sci fi games. Since I'm doing the later so much in school, I hope to work on what I'd really love to do. I haven't done a comic in a while and already I'm forgetting about the rules of panel layout.

 The area I mostly want to improve is composition and characters. To be specific, I would like to try new layouts for paneling and composing illustrations. I want to broaden my range for expressing character through poses and gestures.

 Of course there's the things that we all want to work on, anatomy, perspective, lighting.... Anyway, Here's to all of us and our journey!

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