Monday, July 2, 2012

Art Exercise - drawing with white media

Ok, so this was not on my list of things to try, but it's an exercise I haven't done since art college days. It's not hugely exciting, or all that revolutionary, but it's dipping my toes back into the traditional media.Normally when I do pencil sketches I draw on white paper, yet when I work digitally I generally start with a grey or midtone background. Even then, I tend to start with a dark 'brush' and add highlights at the end.

So the goal of the exercise was to use white media exclusively on a dark surface. Lines weren't important, nor was shading, the idea was to just break out of the habit of going directly to a dark drawing medium. This was my end result (I wanted to use pen.... but it decided to dry up about 5 lines in *sigh* ... next time!)


  1. Interesting exercise, and interesting design! what does the rune at the base mean?

  2. Very cool, Nicole! Something about making designs like this with a stronger emphasis on white makes it that much more 'primal' and stylized. Perfect for tattoos or print. This looks like a great exercise in being more mindful of your areas of negative space as well. I shall add it to my list of things to try!