Friday, June 15, 2012

ART EXERCISE: Draw 100 Hands and Feet

We all know them and loathe them - the dreaded hands & feet of the human figure.  These elements seem to be bugaboos on everyone's list of challenging anatomy so let's take them head-on, so to speak!  The challenge of this exercise is to draw 100 hands and feet.  You can either draw 50 of each, or 100 of each, if you're feeling brave!

The lesson here is that pure repetition can teach us not to fear difficult anatomy, as well as commit more of the subtleties of hands and feet to memory.  There is a saying that you must draw something 10,000 times to know it by memory.  Drawing 100 should get us at least partway there!

You can try drawing your own hands, the hands of friends and family, the hands of random strangers, or even use models.  Here are some resources for expressive models who might have interesting hands to draw:

-- Pixelovely Life Drawing Tool

(Feel free to suggest more hand model sources in comments!)

Time Limit: n/a (Try to shoot for 2 weeks, for those who need a deadline)

* If you do this exercise, add the tag 'Draw 100 Hands and Feet' to your post.  If you desire critique, add "CRIT PLZ" to your post's title when you post the blog post for your results.  Good luck!

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