Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angela's Art Wish List

My name is Angela Sasser and I consider myself to be a fantasy artist.  My favorite topics are myths, fairy tales, gods, goddesses, elves, rogues, and warriors, among other things.  My ultimate career goal is to end up as an illustrator for card art, rpg books, and book covers.  I would love to get involved in doing character and concept art for video games as well!

I am a traditionally trained painter with a classical education a la 'paint your feelings on canvas', but that path never suited me.  Too in love with Elves!♥  I'm currently trying to expand beyond my watercolor and ink roots into digital painting and it's been a tough road for me. I would ultimately like to be able to create digital paintings that replicate the energy of my traditional paintings.

Here are the list of the things I wish to improve on with a few of the areas I'm hoping to challenge myself with.  I still need to think of some specific exercises to do with some of these.  I'll be adding more as I think of them and will keep this list here for my own benefit.

Draw 100 Hands and Feet
Draw 100 Torsos
Draw 100 Mancrotches
Various Expressions
Various Ethnicities

Group of people
Action scene
Book cover

Concept Art:
Storyboarding - Favorite Scene from a Book

Character Design:
Fashion templates
100 Faces
Orthographic Sheets

Narrative locales from a favorite book

Color Theory:
Limited palette
Accent color

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