Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Christina's Plan

Hi all, I'm Christina Kester, aka. Ladyfireoak. I work primarily in traditional mediums using Celtic and Medieval themes. My recent work is inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts, Japanese woodblock prints, Art Nouveau, and Native American art. I also have a long standing love affair with fantasy art.

As I sat down to write my introduction and plan, I realized that I am not as clear on what I want to achieve in my art as I thought. I have been so focused on the business side that I have forgotten the creative side. Joining this group of artists in their journeys into improve their art has opened my eyes to my own journey.

I want to bring more creativity into my work. My subject, themes, color schemes, and overall compositions are safe. Here’s my list to explore:

  • participate in Sketchfest whenever possible to expand subjects and themes
  • Anatomy studies – hands and feet; how the head, neck and torso go together; proportions ( have a tendency to draw very short legged people); and the core/torso
  • Color – explore limited color palettes and unusual colors. Do studies in reflected color
  • Composition – explore more dynamic figures and groups of figures
  • Environment – any… I need the practice
Cheers and happy journeys

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  1. Hey Christina and welcome to the blog! You have such an interesting mix of inspirations. It'll be fascinating to see what you do to meet your goals here. I hope you will continue to share with us here as you progress!

    I have had a similar experience of getting so caught up in the money/biz side, that I forget to create new work! It's difficult having the time to improve and to market yourself.

    But the best cure for that is to stay focused and try to be productive! That is what I hope this blog will do for everyone. I look forward to learning together!:)