Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Artist's Ambition

My name is Angela and I am a fantasy Artist and founder of this blog.  I already have an art blog of my own, but this one is different.  I want Artist Ambition to be a joint effort for multiple artists to continuously improve their art, to share the progression of their skills, and to nurture that passion to push themselves as artists.

The journey of the artist can be a long and lonely one while we are striving to improve.  It's easy to get demotivated and talk about improving your skills, but to never do what needs to be done. Now, with other artists watching, we are accountable for our own actions, we can encourage each other, and we can succeed!

What is this blog about?

This blog is dedicated to artistic improvement through art exercises. I will be posting specific exercises I am doing to improve my art and sharing the results of those exercises here along with what I learned from each exercise.  Other artists can do the same exercises and share their results and/or suggest their own exercises to do and share their own results, as well!

Note that this is NOT a work-in-progress blog.  The only posts we will be sharing here are for the individual Art Exercises, Introductions by each artist, and the Finished Results of the Art Exercises.

There is no time commitment!  Post at your own pace when you have the time. (Unless of course a time limit is part of your exercise).

Who can participate? 

This is a joint Artist blog! We will learn together, encourage each other, and provide critique, upon request.  We welcome artists of all skill levels!  Participating artists will be added as Authors and can post to share their work.  Want to participate? Email me and I'll add you!

What to do after you join? 

-- Introductions & Your Art Wish List - After you're added as an Author, feel free to post an introduction telling us a little about yourself and where you'd like to go with your art.  Feel free to tack on a list in the same post detailing what exercises you want to do to improve your art!  This helps you have something concrete to aim for and to let the other artists here get to know you a little better.

--  Send in Your Web Banner - So I can add it to the Member Artists page!  The banner needs to be of the standard 468x60px size.  Not sure how to make a banner?  You can use this handy online tool!

-- Art Exercises - Feel free to post an entry for each individual art exercise you're working on to challenge yourself and other artists.    Member artists can then do a blog post sharing their results from the exercises, talk about what they learned, and to receive critique, if they wish.
(Click here for examples of an 'Art Exercise' post.)

--  Exercise Results - If a participating artist takes on the challenge of an Art Exercise, that artist can then submit their result as a blog post. If you would like critique on your results, put the words "CRIT PLZ" in the title of your post.  This Results post should be tagged with the name of the Art Exercise it was created for under 'labels' so that we can easily search and see who has taken on the same challenge.

 (Click here for an example of a 'Results' post)

-- There is NO posting limit!  Right now, feel free to post as often as you like when you have an exercise to post or a result to share.

Not sure how to challenge yourself?  Take my Self-Critique MEME!  Here is an example of the one I did for myself:

Go forth and CREATE!

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